Power IC-0.18um
 0.18µm 25V BCD
      华润上华的0.18微米BCD工艺是用于高级电源管理产品的通用工艺平台,特别是数字电源部分。目前主要工艺的工作电压在1.8V 25V 5V。核心器件兼容于0.18微米通用制程并有与之匹配的library、IP。
 Key Features
- Base on the 0.18µm logic baseline process to embed the HV relevant layers
- Offer comprehensive and complete devices, includes 1.8V Core, 3.3V or 5V IO, LDNMOS 25V/5V or 25V/3.3V, N/P-channel 25V symmetric/asymmetric MOSFET, high performance vertical NPN, diode, NJET
- Implement the RESURF structure to let LDMOS be better at low Rdson and BV trade-off 
- 1P6M architecture
- Triple trenches for HV and LV devices
- Dual-gate oxide
- Co-silicide
- Al backend with low-K FSG material 
- Driver ICs
- Battery and portable power management
- Power control for PC products
- Class-D audio amplifiers
- Many other 3C applications
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