华润上华0.13微米制程采用了铝互连技术,能够广泛应用于通用IC、混合信号、射频(RF),满足低功率、低漏电的要求。我们的混合信号/ RF工艺平台是建立与我们的标准逻辑制程提供的一种高性能、低成本的解决方案。我们全面、完整的标准单元库、输入输出、memories、spice模型,PDK和其他设计组件将使客户的产品导入更加便捷。
 Key Features
- Foundry standard 0.13µm geometric rules and logic frontend process
- 1.2V core device with 2.5V or 3.3V I/O transistor options (with foundry standard EDR specifications)
- Poly and 8 Al metal backend process
- L-shape Spacer and Co-salicidation process
- Reliable FSG dielectric based inter-metal process
- Mixed mode & RF devices available, eg. Middle VT, high poly resistor, MIM Capacitor, Varactor, Deep NWell, Native device, etc
- Special tailored for non-Cu users such as generic, low power, MS/RF, HV and CIS applications

  0.13um Process Family 
- Applications such as USB, Audio, Video, WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G, Gigabit Ethernet, and portable communications devices
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